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    • Master/MBA/MSc (5 years of higher education)
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Luc Béal
Head of MSc in Tourism & Destination Management and Destination Attractiveness programme Luc Béal

The MSc in Tourism & Destination Management and Destination Attractiveness provides you with an array of opportunities and prepares you to enter a multifaceted industry, whether in the travel business, working for travel agencies, tour operators or web operators, or working locally at a tourist information centre. Throughout the programme, industry professionals will be on hand to ensure that your learning is in perfect harmony with the realities of the industry.

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  • The MSc in Tourism & Destination Management and Destination Attractiveness

    The MSc in Tourism & Destination Management at La Rochelle School of Tourism & Hospitality – equivalent to 5 years of post-High School studies


    The MSc in Tourism & Destination Management is open to students who have already studied in higher education for 3 or 4 years. The programme offers a variety of professional opportunities and will prepare you to enter a very diverse job market, whether as an actor in the travel industry (Incoming Tour Operator, Tour Operator, Virtual Tour Operator etc.) or as a professional working locally, in a specific city or region (e.g. city Tourist Information Centre).

    The MSc has been developed to ensure you enter the job market with ease, by preparing you to: 

    • become key players in the promotion of a tourist destination or an area, whether local, regional or national… from the conception of a tourism product or service through to its market launch.
    • become fully-operational managers in an industry that is constantly evolving, particularly due to digital technology. By the end of the programme, you will have all the necessary knowledge and skills to tackle the major evolutions in the tourism industry.

    3 principal areas of focus

    • Digital Technology… because ‘digital’ represents more than 2/3 of industry turnover, and because it is not only greatly transforming the way the industry’s traditional actors operate (Incoming Tour Operators, Tour operators etc.) but is also creating new careers (e.g. Traffic Manager).
    • The Customer Experience… because customer satisfaction means developing offers that are not merely a group of random ‘services’ thrown together.
    • Local areas and regions… because in a context of intense competition between destinations, it is essential to totally understand the dynamics of each destination: seasonality, type of clientele and tourism offer etc.


    • English Track – 100% taught in English


    Through the programme’s core courses, you will learn about the issues and challenges related to destination management and destination attractiveness. Concurrently, you will study specialisation modules:

    • Territory Community Management: Generating Revenue from Identified Communities
    • Strategic Destination Management
    • Destination Marketing
    • Operational Destination Management
    • Project Management
    • Consultancy Project
    • Destination Attractiveness – examples of best practice throughout the world

    The different courses and projects are provided for indicative purposes only and are subject to change from one year to the next. The specialisations offered will only be available if the required minimum number of students is reached.



  • Committed to sustainable and responsible tourism (TEDQUAL accreditation from the World Tourism Organization), the MSc in Tourism & Destination Management incorporates courses that will train students in how to design, produce and market responsible tourism offers.


    Year 1: Core Courses

    • Managing Business Units and Tourism Project Management
    • Resource Management
    • Reporting, Performance Analysis and Decision-Making
    • Corporate Law and Employment Law
    • Project Management
    • The Fundamentals of the Tourism Industry
    • Business Game
    • The Customer Experience
    • Digital Marketing and Community Tourism Management
    • Using Social Networks to commercialise a Tourist Offer
    • The Impact of Digital Technologies on Regions, Competition, Mobility, Sustainable Development and CSR
    • Global Ethics in Tourism
    • Business and Geocultural Seminar: North America, South and Central America, India, China, Japan, South Korea and Brazil
    • Key Project and Case Studies
    • Experiential and Personal Development
    • Modern Foreign Languages: English, German, Spanish (other languages available through e-learning)

    Year 2: Core Courses

    • Innovation, Communities and Regions
    • Advanced Community Tourism Management
    • Operational Techniques of Community Tourism Management
    • Brand Leadership & Experiential Marketing
    • E-tourism and Distribution
    • Academic Writing Workshop
    • Global Code of Ethics in Tourism
    • Research Methodology
  • By joining the MSc in Tourism & Destination Management, you will be part of a School recognised for its expertise in tourism and hospitality management. This programme is the culmination of your studies during which you will have had many different experiences, both academic and professional, in France and abroad.

    Preparing you for the demands of the corporate world, this MSc, combining academic learning with real-life professional experience, will ensure that you are fully prepared to enter the job market.

    Each year consists of 2 study terms, followed by an internship (4 months in Year 1, 6 months in Year 2). Internships can be carried out in France or abroad (this is the case for more than 30% of internships). Each student is accompanied by a mentor, who is a practicing industry professional, a specialist from the sector in which the student would like to work. In most cases, mentors are graduates of the programme. They provide valuable advice throughout the year in areas such as: your internship research strategy, developing your professional network etc.

    Year 1 :


    You can choose to carry out a 2-month social and humanitarian Humacité© project, in France or abroad.

    Key Project

    Throughout the year, in collaboration with the Agence Départementale du Tourisme (regional tourist board), you will participate in a key project to analyse the performance of the destination, using a destination management software tool.

    Year 2 :

    Consultancy Project

    You will carry out a consultancy project on behalf of a major player in the industry: Atout France, Futuroscope etc. In groups, you will carry out a full analysis of the issue and then present your findings and associated recommendations to a panel made up of managers from the partner company.



    • La Rochelle – How can we adapt to our local area? World Forum event for a Responsible Economy 2016
    • Paris – Developing the night-time tourism economy. Welcome City Lab 2016
    • How can we continue to develop our business? Yescapa, specialist in the hire of motorhomes between private individuals: Exploring the possibilities of joint promotions with local and regional tourist areas as well as the promotion of new tourist routes, less accessible tourist destinations within the area and specialist tourist products or services (outdoor tourism, nature tourism etc.).

    Industry seminars

    Several times a year, graduates visit the School to present and explain the different strategies adopted by industry professionals or even to give a presentation on a specific career.

    End-of-studies thesis

    Your programme culminates with your end-of-studies thesis, which enables the School to evaluate your ability to understand and deal with a complex issue through theoretical analysis and practical insight. This thesis will have an important place on your CV, demonstrating your capacity to identify industry-specific issues, to undertake analytical work and assess your findings, as well as providing proof of your ability to present relevant, operational and practical solutions.

  • Graduate Careers

    The MSc in Tourism & Destination Management and Destination Attractiveness prepares you for careers in destination management, working for:

    Our graduates finish their studies as fully-operational managers.

    • Travel Agencies
    • Tour Operators
    • Incoming Tour Operators
    • Tourist Information Centres
    • Local and Regional Tourist Boards
    • Internet-based Travel Operators

    Length of time required to secure a job

    • 85% of our graduates find a job within 6 months of graduating
    • 35% are already in work before the end of their studies


    • 42% work abroad, the principal countries being United Kingdom, Spain, Australia, India, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia
  • Tuition Fees 2018-2019

    Students from within the European Union*

    Year 1 & 2 22200€ (or 11100€ per year)
    Year 2 only 12800€

    *28 European Union members: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France and French Overseas Territories, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, The United Kingdom.

    Students from outside the European Union

    Year 1 & 2 25500€ (or 12750€ per year)
    Year 2 only 14500€

    Tuition fees are provided for information purposes only and are subject to change from one year to the next

    Financing your studies

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  • The following table outlines the admissions procedure for candidates who hold (or are currently studying for) a non-French degree.

      Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5
    What happens? Online application Admissions interviews via Skype
    • Admissions test results are released 
    • Deposit to be paid
    Administrative assistance Proof of academic level required
    How? Submission of application documents With a personal interview and language oral test
    • Results sent by email
    • Payment to be made online
    Assistance with visa application procedure and accommodation Provide proof of qualifications and language level

    Step 1


    An admissions fee of € 50.00 is required (to be paid by bank transfer or credit card)

    • motivation letter
    • academic reference letter
    • proof of current academic level (exam certificate/s or letter from current academic establishment etc.)

    Click here to submit application documents

    Step 2

    Personal interview (in French or English depending upon the chosen track) Personal interviews are conducted by a panel made up of a member of staff from Groupe Sup de Co La Rochelle and a working professional 25 mins.

    Throughout the academic year, admissions tests are organised every Tuesday, by Skype. The following table details the next deadlines and associated interview dates.

    *The exact dates and times will be sent via email a few days beforehand.

    Step 3


    Candidates will receive notification of their admission or non-admission, by e-mail, within 6 days following their interview.

    If you are admitted, you must:

    • pay a € 3000.00 deposit by the specified deadline (this amount will be deducted from your annual tuition fees)

    Step 4


    You will receive confirmation of pre-enrolment as well as confirmation of accommodation which are necessary for your student visa application.

    Click here for administrative assistance

    Step 5


    To confirm your final acceptance, you must provide proof of your current qualifications and language ability (before 30th June 2018):

    English-Track et French-Track Programmes B2*

    * Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

    Proof of language ability is NOT required if…

    • you come from a country where the official language is the same as that of your chosen track
    • you hold a qualification issued in a French-speaking country and are applying for a French track
    • you hold a qualification issued in an English-speaking country and are applying for an English track

    Please note that only official certificates will be accepted.

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