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  • Languages
    • French
  • Location
    La Rochelle
  • Qualifications
    • 1 year of higher education
      60 ECTS
  • Start date
    Delayed start
Caroline Hermet
Head of Bachelor Foundation Year Caroline Hermet
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  • The Bachelor Foundation Year has been designed for students who have a High-School qualification (or international equivalent) and is aimed in particular at:

    • students who wish to change their choice of study course in the middle of the academic year
    • international students in the Southern Hemisphere whose academic year ends in December

    At the end of this 6-month programme, you will have the possibility of joining Year 2 of one of the following programmes at Groupe Sup de Co La Rochelle:

    This programme encompasses the fundamentals of management as well as company management and administration. At the end of the programme, you will be awarded 60 ECTS points.
    The Bachelor Foundation Year comprises 450 hours of education divided into 15 modules. Each module is made up of 24 hours of class-based lessons and 6 hours of e-learning.

    The programme is spread over 24 weeks, from February to July, as follows:

    • 20 weeks of lessons
    • 2 weeks of holiday
    • 2 weeks of examinations

    The courses are taught in french.

    The different courses and projects are provided for indicative purposes only and are subject to change from one year to the next. The specialisations offered will only be available if the required minimum number of students is reached.

  • Management
    • Company Management
    • Fundamentals of Marketing
    • Principles of Economics (2 modules)
    • Fundamentals of Accounting
    • Financial Analysis
    • Fundamentals of Human Resources
    • Statistical Methods of Management
    • Management Computing using Excel
    • Business Law
    General Knowledge
    • General Knowledge
    • Written Communication
    • Oral Communication
    • English
    • 2nd Modern Language
  • Tuition Fees 2018-2019

    Students from within the European Union*

    Year 1 6400€

    *28 European Union members: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France and French Overseas Territories, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, The United Kingdom.

    Students from outside the European Union

    Year 1 7600€

    Tuition fees are provided for information purposes only and are subject to change from one year to the next


    Financing your studies

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  • The following table outlines the admissions procedure for candidates who hold (or are currently studying for) a non-French degree.

      Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5
    What happens? Online application Admissions interviews via Skype
    • Admissions test results are released 
    • Deposit to be paid
    Administrative assistance Proof of academic level required
    How? Submission of application documents With a personal interview and language oral test
    • Results sent by email
    • Payment to be made online
    Assistance with visa application procedure and accommodation Provide proof of qualifications and language level

    Step 1


    An admissions fee of € 50.00 is required (to be paid by bank transfer or credit card)

    • motivation letter
    • academic reference letter
    • proof of current academic level (exam certificate/s or letter from current academic establishment etc.)

    Click here to submit application documents

    Step 2

    Personal interview (in French or English depending upon the chosen track) Personal interviews are conducted by a panel made up of a member of staff from Groupe Sup de Co La Rochelle and a working professional 25 mins.

    Throughout the academic year, admissions tests are organised every Tuesday, by Skype. The following table details the next deadlines and associated interview dates.

    *The exact dates and times will be sent via email a few days beforehand.

    Step 3


    Candidates will receive notification of their admission or non-admission, by e-mail, within 6 days following their interview.

    If you are admitted, you must:

    • pay a € 3000.00 deposit by the specified deadline (this amount will be deducted from your annual tuition fees)

    Step 4


    You will receive confirmation of pre-enrolment as well as confirmation of accommodation which are necessary for your student visa application.

    Click here for administrative assistance

    Step 5


    To confirm your final acceptance, you must provide proof of your current qualifications and language ability (before 30th June 2018):

    English-Track et French-Track Programmes B1*

    * Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

    Proof of language ability is NOT required if…

    • you come from a country where the official language is the same as that of your chosen track
    • you hold a qualification issued in a French-speaking country and are applying for a French track
    • you hold a qualification issued in an English-speaking country and are applying for an English track

    Please note that only official certificates will be accepted.

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    • At the end of the Bachelor Foundation Year, you can join Year 2 of one of the following Bachelor programmes of Groupe Sup de Co La Rochelle.

      Bachelor Business

      A Bachelor Programme at La Rochelle Business School

      The Bachelor Business is a 3-year general business management programme that prepares students to work in the fields of business, sales and marketing management, in companies both in France and abroad. This programme, taught in French, can be personalised to reflect the aspirations of each student. With a 100% employment rate for those students who opt to go straight into the job market, this programme fully meets the expectations of companies.


      Degree in Business and Operational Management (known as Diplôme d’Études Supérieures en Commerce et Management Opérationnel) recognised by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation.  Also recognised as a professional degree by the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry.  

      • 9 months of internships
      • Possibility of a work-study track (for a period of 12 or 24 months)

      Click here for more information about the Bachelor Business

      BBA International

      A Bachelor Programme at La Rochelle Business School

      The BBA International is a 4-year post-High School programme offered by La Rochelle Business School, to educate students seeking an international career in management. The length of the programme is in harmony with international Bachelor degrees. Through a host of academic and professional experiences, more than half of your study time will be spent abroad.


      A 4-year post-High School programme leading to a high-level management degree, recognised by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation

      • 14 months of internships
      • 2 years of international experience including one year spent at a partner university

      Click here for more information about the BBA International

      Bachelor in Tourism & Hospitality

      A Bachelor Programme at La Rochelle School of Tourism & Hospitality

      The Bachelor in Tourism & Hospitality Management is a 3-year post-High School programme preparing students for a range of careers in tourism including leisure management, hospitality management, event management and destination management.


      Bachelor in Tourism & Hospitality Management from Groupe Sup de Co La Rochelle, with the possibility of a Degree (or equivalent) from a partner university (IMIS-ESTHUA, ULCO).

      • 6 months of internships
      • Possibility of a work-study track (12 months)
      • A minimum of 6 months spent abroad

      Click here for more information about the Bachelor in Tourism & Hospitality Management

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