Students Testimonies

« What I really like about this programme is the diversity of courses available. »
Yoann Cabos, 22 years old
Master Grande École

Yoann, second-year student Master in Management Grande École programme, Event Communications.

yoann cabos portraitI am 22 years old and have just finished my second year of studies at Groupe Sup de Co La Rochelle.

Joining this programme was a logical step as beforehand, I had already completed a DUT technology degree in Marketing. What I really like about this programme is the diversity of courses available. In particular, the Humacité© project, part of the programme in Year 1, remains a highlight for me. I wanted to carry out a project in an English-speaking country but somewhere where I could discover a culture that would be totally different to ours. I chose the Teach Love Care Network, an organisation working in the townships of South Africa and I was really pleased with my choice. For a period of two months, I taught English in a primary school in the mornings and during the lessons I often spoke about the differences between our two countries. In the afternoons, we toured the nursery schools and I took part in some fun activities as well as helping with the renovation of some of the buildings.

Not only has my open-mindedness increased tenfold, but so too has my desire to help those less fortunate. I no longer look at those who are destitute in the same way. It really was a character-building experience.

Now, as part of the Disney College Programme and the double degree system put in place by Groupe Sup de Co La Rochelle, I’m off to the University of Pittsburgh in the USA. Following this year out, I aim to graduate in 2019.