Our Governance

Created in 1988, Groupe Sup de Co La Rochelle is an association in accordance with French Law of 1901. The Group, directed by Bruno Neil, is supported by different governing bodies including:

Board of Governors

To outline the Group’s policies, strategy and action plans.

Ex Officio Members :

  • Thierry Hautier – Chairman, La Rochelle Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Stéphane Villain – Vice-Chairman, Charente-Maritime regional council (Conseil Départemental de Charente-Maritime)
  • Sylvie Guerry-Gazeau – Vice-Chairman Communication Conurbation Identity (Communication Identité Communautaire), La Rochelle Conurbation
  • Gérard Blanchard – Vice-Chairman, responsible for Higher Education and Research, Aquitaine Limousin Poitou-Charentes regional council (Conseil Régional Aquitaine Limousin Poitou-Charentes)

Appointed Members :

  • Robert Butel – Chairman, Groupe Sup de Co La Rochelle
  • Philippe Chaveroche – General Manager, SCIH Mercure Océanide
  • Daniel Ridoret – CEO, RIDORET Menuiseries
  • Didier Pain - CEO, AJC Conseil & Management SAS
  • Olivier Damon – Chairman, Alumni Le Réseau graduate network
  • Benoît Serre – Assistant General Manager, Groupe MACIF – Chairman, Strategic Advisory Board, Groupe Sup de Co La Rochelle

Members :

  • Jean-Dominic Antoni – Chairman of the Board, IMA
  • Éric Dumartin – CEO, FPSPP
  • Jean-Luc Guillou - Managing Director, GERME
  • Hervé Huot – Regional Manager, ERDF
  • Jean-Michel Mousset – Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Groupe MOUSSET
  • Sylvain Orsat – General Manager, EIGSI General Engineering School
  • Nathalie Steinberg – General Manager, SYNARGIES

Strategic Advisory Board

To analyse both the medium and long-term issues facing the Group, evaluate core challenges and put forward key strategic proposals to the Board of Governors.
  • Benoît Serre – Assistant General Manager, Human Resources, Groupe MACIF (France) -  Chairman, Strategic Advisory Board
  • Jean-Michel Dedôme –Manager (Développement et de l'Animation des Richesses Humaines), VINCI Energies (France) - Vice-Chairman, Strategic Advisory Board
  • David Airey – Professor Emeritus, former Pro-Vice Chancellor and former Head of School, University of Surrey (UK)
  • Pinar Akkaya – General Manager, SIGNATURE CONSULTING (Turkey)
  • Nehme Azoury – Vice Chancellor, Research in Management and Business Science, Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (Lebanon)
  • Frédéric Chereau – Chief Executive, LOGICBIO THERAPEUTICS
  • Jean Marie Colombeau – Associate Consultant, TMM – Lecturer, KEDGE Business School (France)
  • Florence Darmon – General Manager, ESTP Paris (France)
  • Joby John – Tom Galloway Professor of Marketing, B.I. Moody III College of Business, University of Louisiana at Lafayette (USA)
  • Michel Langlois – Professor of Marketing and Head of the Marketing Department, ESG UQAM - President, Strategic Leadership Institute (Canada)
  • Gérard Lannelongue – Advisor to the Chairman, Eduservices (France)
  • Richard Li-Hua – Professor of Strategic Management and Governance - Chairman, Camot Innovation Academy Cambridge (UK)
  • Eduardo Lorenzo Ochoa – Civil Servant, European External Action Service (Djibouti)
  • Bruno Magliulo – Honorary Academic Inspector, Ministry of National Education (France)
  • Jean-Luc Menet – Former General Manager, Crédit Mutuel Océan (France)
  • Daniel Milliot – Secretary-General of the Poitou Charentes Committee, National Committee of French ForeignTrade Advisors (Comité National des Conseillers du Commerce Extérieur de la France) (France)
  • Patrick Patelin – Chairman, Patelin Conseil - Reporter, CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre (France/Argentina)
  • Olivier Poirot – Senior Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer, Sodexo North America – Global Head of Finance, Sodexo Healthcare (USA)
  • Alejandro Reyes – Director of Educational Projects, PROCIBARIS PUCP (Mexico)
  • Edith Margit Szivas – Director, SeaStar International Tourism Consultancy (UK)