While our primary mission is to deliver high-quality academic skills, we also strongly believe that it is by working on the behaviour and personal fulfilment of the student that we can produce rounded and accomplished managers.

In an increasingly complex world, our primary aim is to ensure that tomorrow’s managers are human and humanistic, responsible and accountable.

For this reason, our school endeavours to transmit to all those involved — students, teachers and administrative staff — the core values it holds:

  • Respect, tolerance and consideration
  • Commitment and responsibility
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Teamwork and solidarity
  • Open-mindedness towards the world and to other
  • Responsible management (link to Environmental and Social Responsibility)

La Rochelle Business School can also be identified by its genuine support for social and cultural diversity. This can be seen in our participation in the social mobility programme (link to the Passerelle Ascenseur Social website) run by the Passerelle association. Because society is diverse, there should be more than just one profile for managers; they should come from all walks of life and be involved in the most varied projects and experiences.

As Environment, Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility are at the heart of our specialisation, we are committed to deliver to our students responsibility and openess values. In the future, we are convinced that these values will be keys to professional and personal achievement. 

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