The ESC (Ecole Superior de Commerce) program is committed to the operative "diversity" of the Examination Bank ‘Paserelle’ ; available to students from the final year of high school and after :

  • 1 ‘post-bac’ (end of high school) examination - social advancement or impairment
  • 2 years of study at an IUT (Institut Universitatire de Technologie) or BTS or in ‘prepa’
  • 1 entry direct into the first year of ESC La Rochelle if holding a Diploma without having repeated any years or completed via a jury pass

Disability Programme: the difference is not a handicap

UA Passerelle examination ‘post-bac’ for students with a disability, matching the same criteria as the Passerelle examination bac+2, put in place in order to :

  • Ensure a better preparation for students before starting the programme ESC La Rochelle:
    • Personalized follow-up during their teaching upto bac+2 by a teacher and / or ESC student
    •  Aim to anticipate the students needs
    • Ensure the integration in advance. During the two years of education upto bac+2, students will have the status of ESC student with access to all services offered to the students ESC.

A unit ‘Disability’ at the heart of ESC La Rochelle

  • Contact : Carole MATTER :
  • Meet the needs and expectations of students of ESC living with disabilities:
    • In need of equipment or human help,
    • Students receive a third extra time for examinations
    • In contact with business partners for, work internships, sandwich courses, jobs, ...
    • Help and advice
  • Support students wishing to recognize their disabilities:

mentoring between students from La Rochelle Business School and high school students living with disabilities : "self confidence" :

  • Improve the chances of young people with disabilities to fulfill their potential and pursue and succeed in studies
  • To contribute towards presenting the rich diversity of the differences, to a larger and larger audience
  • Propose an innovative plan in seeking greater diversity in higher education while providing Grand Ecole students with a human experience and unique educational program created and supported by the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship social d’lESSEC (IISS)


  • Promote diversity at the heart of schools within the examination group Passerelle.
  • Give a "boost" to students from disadvantaged backgrounds and open their professional horizons in a direction they had not previously considered.
  • Case selection based on social criteria