The Master in Management - Grande Ecole Programme is committed to the operative "diversity" of the "Paserelle" entry exams (application procedure for French students) ; available to students from the final year of high school:

  • 1 higher education examination - social advancement or impairment
  • 2 years of higher studies in a University Institute of Technology ("Institut Universitatire de Technologie"), an Advanced Technician Certificate ("BTS) or in preparatory classes for higher education institutes ("prépa")
  • 1 direct entry direct into the Preparatory Year of the Master in Management if holding a Diploma without having repeated any years or completed via a jury board

Disability Programme: difference is not a handicap

Specific entry exams for students with a disability, matching the same criteria as the regular exams, put in place in order to:

  • Ensure a better preparation for students before starting the Master in Management Programme:
    • Personalised follow-up during their previous bachelor or univeristy degree studies by a teacher and/or a student of the Programme
    • Aim to anticipate students needs
    • Ensure the integration in advance. During their previous bachelor or univeristy degree studies, students will have the status of a Master in Management student, with access to all services and facilities. Meet the needs and expectations of students of ESC living with disabilities:

Disability Programme: specific facilities for students with disabilities

  • Specific adjustments for exams and continuous assesment: third extra time, personal assistant, computer...
  • Financial support towards the purchase of equipment
  • Dedicated corporate partnerships for internships ans work-study contracts
  • Help and advice

A ‘Disability’ Department at the heart of La Rochelle Business School

  • Supporting facilities for students wishing to recognise their disabilities:


  • Promote diversity at the heart of Business Schools
  • Give a "boost" to students from disadvantaged backgrounds and open their professional horizons in a direction they had not previously considered
  • Case selection based on social criteria