La Rochelle Business School has more than 11,000 graduates living and working around all over the world. This network, which is named "Alumni - Le Réseau" (Alumni - Network), allows graduates and 800 final-year students (future alumni) to keep in touch and access unique job offers and dedicated events.

With more than 25 years of existence, La Rochelle Business School has more than 11,000 graduates, now living andworking in key positions all over the world. A unique network, which is organised by the Association""Alumni - Le Réseau" (Alumni - Network), created in 2009. This organisation enables graduates to keep in touch and to access unique job offers worldwide and dedicated events

Au sein de l’association, ils forment une véritable charnière entre le monde estudiantin et la vie professionnelle. Leur implication dans le quotidien de l’école constitue un gage de continuité et la garantie de trouver des interlocuteurs impliqués.

2014 School year key figures:

  • 11,200 graduates
  • 25% of international graduates from 70 nationalities 
  • More than 5,000 companies across 75 countries
  • 1,676 job offers (70% of which as permanent contracts)
  • Almost 20 dedicates professional events in a friendly environment (Afterworks, Cocktail workshops,Class anniversaries...)

Alumni has multiple vocations, mostly commited to developing the network:

  • Monitoring developments in alumni careers, in particular by managing and updating the alumni and corporate databases
  • Collecting  and making available all job offers targeting alumni
  • Maintaining the link between graduates of the school’s programmes
  • Maintaining the link between graduates and current students
  • Organising events involving graduates, faculty and students
  • Promoting La Rochelle Business School in order to facilitate professional integration and career development

The Association also regularly brings the alumni together in La Rochelle, Paris, London and other regions, allowing them to catch up and share views on current areas of interest.


For more information, you may contact:

Sandy Micheneau,  Graduate Network Development Manager: 
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Association Office: