There are many ways students can finance their studies, whatever their course of study and at every stage in their training.

  • Internships

Programmes are organised around internships that last from 3 to 6 months. Pay is regulated under French law with a minimum remuneration for internships longer than two full consecutive months (currently €436.05 per complete month/35 hours per week).

  • Student associations

La Rochelle Business School has an association Job Service called “La Rochelle Actions”. This association offers student jobs all year round. Students can therefore earn money on a regular basis throughout the school year and get to know the local economy.

  • Solidarity Commission

A solidarity commission has been created by the school to help students who encounter financial difficulties. It has set up:

*Solidarity grants: This fund is financed by firms and the La Rochelle Chamber of Commerce and Industry and redistributed in the form of grants for students in great difficulty.

* Secured loans: The school signed an agreement in 1998 with BNP Paribas, allowing it to secure student loans (the loan is secured for 50% by the school and 50% by the bank).

  • Tutoring

Since 2009, a tutoring system has been available to first-year students. Students further advanced in the programme tutor first-year students. These tutors are paid, thanks to a special dedicated fund.

  • Erasmus grants

These grants only apply to student exchanges within Europe (31 countries). Only one grant is awarded during the student’s course of study.

  • Regional grants

These grants are awarded by the Poitou Charentes region. They are granted once during the student’s course of study.

For more information, visit the Poitou Charentes region website

  • Local grants

These grants are available for all students studying abroad or in France, in internships or full-time programmes, who meet the following conditions:

- Students not eligible for French government aid

- Students not eligible for Erasmus grants

- Students not eligible for Regional Council grants

- Residents of the Charentes-Maritime department – students living with their parents, who have been residents for more than one year, or students filing income tax returns and residing in the department for more than one year.

- For other conditions (means, etc.) visit office 125 for more information

Grants are €200 for international programmes and €150 for studies in France. Maximum duration: 5 months.

  • U.F.A. mobility grants

The U.F.A. (Franco-German Union) offers a mobility grant of €250/month for a maximum of 12 months (2009/2010 figures), followed by €200 for 6 additional months.

  • Student loans

Banks offer various financial solutions for students. La Rochelle Business School has negotiated a partnership with BNP Paribas.