Two types of  available work-study rhythm (‘Alternance’ in French) 

Professionalisation contract

This option involves the pre-recruitment of a specialized manager in an operational function (Master’s level responsibility). At MBA level, the company benefits from the presence of an operational manager equipped with specialized knowledge gained from one of La Rochelle Business School’s key areas of expertise: Environmental Strategy, Sustainability, Purchasing and Logistics, International Strategy.

Type of contract: A work contract
Schedule: generally speaking, the ‘alternance’, sandwich course schedule operates on the basis of 3 weeks in the company and one week at the School.  
Learner’s remuneration:
• 65% of the French legal minimum wage (SMIC) for learners aged under 21 years old.
• 80% of the French legal minimum wage (SMIC) for learners aged over 21 years old.

Combined internship-study option

This option means that the student participates in a range of different cross-functional corporate projects as they arise (master’s level responsibilities with either a generalist or specialist focus). Although less well-known, the combined internship-study option is in fact the most commonly available formula. It enables companies to recruit, at reduced cost, a wide range of candidate profiles in order to meet their specific needs at a given time, whilst ensuring the presence of additional support over an extended period of time. The ‘Combined internship-study’ contract (La Convention de Stage Alterné) allows the company to constitute a veritable pool of high level potential employees, while reducing the constraints.

Type of contract : Internship contract
Schedule: Generally speaking, operates on the basis of 3 weeks in the company and one week at the School.
Learner’s remuneration: €3,000 euros a year* (no social charges and no contribution to the student’s tuition fees).

*Average cost noted by companies which recruited a student intern in 2011- 2012.