As a student enrolled on one of the programmes at La Rochelle Business School, a range of possibilities are available to help finance your studies at any stage of your of study programme.

These options depend on your nationality and your visa. 

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The organisation of our study programmes always allows for internship periods of between 3 and 6 months. The payment due for internship is regulated by French Law (Law n° 2006-396 of 31st March 2006 « for equal opportunities » which was modified by Law n° 2009-1437 of 24th November 2009. This law reformed the system for receiving students in companies and established a minimum payment for internships lasting longer than 2 consecutive months.
Unless the intern benefits from a more favourable internship agreement, the minimum payment for a full months’ internship (35 hours per week) is: 436, 05€.
In the event of the termination or suspension of the internship agreement, the amount due to the student is calculated on a pro-rata basis according to the length of the internship.

La Rochelle Business School student associations

The School has a Junior Entreprise association called « Atlantic’Etudes » and a Job Service organization called « La Rochelle Actions ». These two associations offer student jobs throughout the year. This can provide students with a regular income throughout the academic year and also enables them to become known by companies within the local economic environment.

The Solidarity Commission

This Commission was created by the Business School to provide assistance for students who find themselves in great financial difficulty during their studies. However, please note that this fund is not available to students in their first year of study within the School.

The Solidarity Commission has put in place the following services:

  • Solidarity bursaries: This is a fund financed by large companies and by the La Rochelle Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The money is re-distributed in the form of study bursaries for students in major financial need.
  • Guaranteed loans: a partnership agreement signed in 1998 with the BNP Paribas bank enables us to guarantee loans to finance study fees. The guarantee is covered 50% by the School and 50% by BNP PARIBAS.

The peer-tutoring project

Since September 2009, a tutoring system covering certain key classes has been put in place for 1st year students in the different programmes at the Business School.

The tutors are all students enrolled in a higher year of study in the same programme as the student receiving the tuition. Tutors are paid for this work thanks to a special fund dedicated to this purpose.

The tutoring system has a number of key objectives:

  • To allow students in academic difficulty to benefit from additional teaching support to that provided by teaching staff ;
  • To give the student tutors an opportunity to develop their listening skills – a primary managerial skill;
  • To provide financial support for tutors who may be in financial difficulty;
  • To reinforce the sense of mutual assistance and solidarity between members of the various year groups within each programme.

Erasmus grants

These grants only apply to periods spent in one of the countries which belong to the enlarged EU (currently 31 countries). Each grant may be awarded once during a student’s study programme.

Study abroad grant
Enrolments are made at the School when the student enrols at his/her host study abroad institution. To date all our students enrolled in European partner schools have obtained such a grant. The number of grants available is each year fixed by the European Agency.

Having completed the application form, the student must also provide an additional 2 documents upon arrival at the host university and 3 at the end of the study period. Payments are made according to departure dates. 60% is paid in the first payment and 40% at the end of the stay.  In 2012/13, the grant amounted to approximately 160€ per month. The Erasmus grant can be combined with the study grant (bourse etudes) awarded by the Poitou-Charentes Region which amounts to 120€ per month and/or a grant from another region.

Internship grant
Students must complete the application for an Erasmus Internship grant (Bourse Stage) and their application is then considered by a commission. Recipients of the grant who have taken out a financial loan for their studies, or who are in financial difficulty, are given priority and they must provide evidence of their situation for the commission. Other students may be considered eligible for this grant, by providing an application letter which demonstrates how the internship forms part of their professional project. The allocation of tis grant is not automatic because a monthly quota is specified by the European Agency. This grant may also not be combined with the internship grant (bourse stage) from the Poitou-Charentes region, but can however, be combined with grants from other French regions. The grant is valid for internships lasting 3 to 12 months. In 2012/13 the Erasmus Internship grant amounted to approximately 500€ per month.

French regional grants (Les bourses de la Région)

These grants are provided by the Poitou-Charentes Region. Each student can only receive one grant during his/her higher education studies.

Professional internships abroad
This grant applies to all internships in Europe and the rest of the world. It can be obtained by signing up on the Poitou-Charentes Region web site.  The grant can be combined with a grant from another region, but it cannot be combined with an Erasmus Internship grant.

In 2012/2013 this grant amounted to 60€ per week for students not receiving French state grants (étudiants non boursiers) and to 90€ per week for students receiving French state grants (étudiants boursiers). In addition it provides 200 € for travel costs in Europe and 400 € for travel costs outside Europe. The grant is limited to internships lasting a maximum of 24 weeks.

French ‘department’ grants (La bourse départementale)

This grant is available to all students going abroad or staying in France who are going to carry out an internship or do a study abroad period. It is available provided that the applicant:

  • is not a recipient of a state grant (boursier de l’Etat) ;
  • is not a recipient of an Erasmus Grant;
  • is not a recipient of the grant from the Conseil Régional;
  • lives in the Charente Maritime – either his/her parents have lived in the department for longer than a year or the student completes his/her own independent income tax declaration and has been living in the Charente-Maritime for more than one year.

This grant amounts to 200€ for periods abroad and to 150€ for periods in France.  The maximum duration is for 5 months.

To find out more:

L’OFAJ: Organisme Franco-Allemand(Franco-German association)

This organisation can help to fund German-speaking internships in a German company. 

For more information, contact:


Student loans

Banks propose various financing schemes for higher education studies. Here are the contact details for banks with which La Rochelle Business School is in contact:

BNP Paribas Bank: La Rochelle / Les Minimes branch
39 rue de la Scierie
17000 La Rochelle
Contact : - 05 46 28 13 36

CIC Ouest Bank: La Rochelle / Tasdon branch
152 rue Emile Normandin
17000 La Rochelle

Société Générale Bank: Group of branches in the Charente-Maritime Coastal region
12 rue du Palais
17000 La Rochelle Cedex 1