Year 1

The first year enables the student to grasp the concepts of management in the tourism industry and to discover the actors and tourist destinations through meetings with professionals of the sector (conferences and forums) as part of the lessons.

The student has to choose a 3rd language (either Russian, Arab, Chinese or Portuguese) to discover other countries and cultures. He also has to choose a goegraphical zone to study in order to complete his path according to his aspirations and professional project. 

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Professional experience

4 months of internship:

"First steps in business" work placement: 1 month. 

International work placement: 3 months
International student can choose to stay in France. In this case French language is very important in order to find an internship. 

Students benefit from an individualised follow-up through the year to construct it personal and professional project.


Year 2

The second reinforce the previously acquired skills and add an international dimension with the time abroad.


Advanced courses: Tourism and geopolitics, Geo-cultural management, Tourism products marketing, Financial anlysis, Marketing and communications, Personal and professional project, Sales to tourism.

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Academic time abroad (4 to 6 months) + Humacité mission
International student can also stay in La Rochelle in a French or English track. 


  • Disney College Programme

Thanks to our partnership with Disney World Resort in Orlando you have the possibility to do your semester and a paid internship at the same time. First you will study at the Delaware University (AACSB accredited) and then you will integrate Disney World in Orlando for a 6 months internship. Management lessons are planned for you to get your semester.


Year 3

The third year allows the students to build on their professional and academic experiences gained as part of the programme, to choose their professional future. A work-study year can be set up.


In addition to the core courses, students can select electives according to their personal and professional goals and future projects:

Sectors specialisations:

  • Events 
  • Hospitality management
  • Tourism in the sports industry
  • Restaurant management
  • Tourism and travel management
  • Leisure and entertainment

Functions specialisation:

  • Strategy and Entrepreneurship
  • Revenue management
  • Web marketing and tourism
  • Human Resources management

* Each year the programme proposes new electives in order to ensure coherency between courses and industry needs.

Various cross-disciplinary courses allow students to discover all the facets of management in tourism: e-marketing, business game, sustainable development …

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Professional experience

Internship (21 weeks).

Sandwich course

A work-study scheme has been set up in cooperation with professionals in the hotel trade and outdoor hospitality. The aim is to allow students to experience different seasons and business cycles in the year. The scheme combines periods devoted to courses and periods spent working for a firm.

The in-company training can consist in a series of internships (in France and abroad, for example) or can be the object of a professional training contract under which the firm remunerates the student and pays for his courses.

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