You will find in this guide all the necessary and relevant information about your studies in France and in La Rochelle business School: administrative procedure, visa, accomodation, living expenses, climate, facilities... 

Medical coverage is mandatory in France. As such, all international students are required to have health and travel insurance (including personal liability) for the entire period in La Rochelle. Students  must provide evidence of insurance on arrival.

Health Insurance for European Students

  • If you have state health insurance in your home country, you must apply for a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) from your national health service at least two weeks before leaving your home country. Thanks to this card, any medical costs at the doctor`s, chemist`s or in hospitals will be refunded in the same conditions as French citizens.
  • If you don’t have health insurance in your home country you must subscribe to student health insurance when you arrive in La Rochelle. The fee for an academic year is around € 215.

Health Insurance for non-European Students

  • If you are under 28, you must subscribe to the student health insurance (social security) when you arrive in La Rochelle. After subscription, you will receive a Social Security number and a "Carte Vitale" (health insurance card) that you will use during your visits to the doctor or when purchasing medication at the drugstore. This card allows you to be refunded in the same way as French citizens for most medical expenses.
  • If you are over 28, you cannot subscribe to the student health insurance. You have two options: you may either take out a health insurance in your home country, you will therefore be able to provide health insurance certificate translated into French proving that all medical expenses will be covered in France.OR, you can purchase private insurance. 

The French healthcare insurance reimburses 70% of your medical fees (whenever you need to go to the doctor, dentist, gynecologist, hospital). In order to obtain a reimbursement of 100%, you may buy an additional insurance called “mutuelle” directly at your healthcare insurance agency. If you do not subscribe to a “mutuelle”, the remaining fees will be at your own charge.