Institute for Sustainability through Innovation


Our project


In 2012, IRSI (the Institute for Sustainability through Innovation) was set up to coordinate and develop the Business School’s activities, and in particular research, on social responsibility and sustainability. The Institute harnesses the skills and knowledge of a pool of interdisciplinary research faculty and supplements coordination of single disciplinary research afforded by the disciplinary groups.

The IRSI mission is to contribute to the development of conceptual frameworks, tools and processes which will assist companies with regard to social responsibility and help create an environment which will foster the sustainability of our society.

Beyond the projects organized within IRSI and their direct contribution to each of the parties involved, the aim of the Institute is also to reinforce relations between the professional and academic worlds via a Corporate-School cross learning experience involving the co-development of projects. This co-development consists in producing scientific knowledge which directly serves business activity and corporate management. It is IRSI’s intention to showcase and publicize academic work in the field of social responsibility in order to ensure its transmission both to professional circles and to society at large. 


Advancing social responsibility practices

IRSI seeks to assist companies in the development of their social responsibility policy by using a research- intervention methodology based on the in-depth analysis of the organization and its operating systems, followed by the gradual development of an “intrinsically socially responsible attitude” within every department. IRSI has thus developed research based on an organizational learning approach towards the implementation of sustainability.

Development of Research Chairs and Strategic Research Projects 

Industry and corporate collaboration is central to the research areas of “CSR and ISO 26000” and “Sustainable transport” as research into the practical and management issues associated with engagement in CSR standardization and implementation is still very limited.

Developing standards documentation for social responsibilty 

As a result of its different activities, IRSI analyses and uses various standards frameworks and directives related to sustainability and CSR. IRSI also assists users (companies) or future users (students) of standards to familiarize themselves with these different tools. In addition, IRSI uses its expertise with these frameworks to help certain official bodies (ISO, AFNOR, the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles) develop their instruments. This approach also makes it possible to share feedback from regulatory bodies and hence to further the development of standards frameworks.