Thibault CUENOUD

Thibault CUENOUD
  • Department Strategy
  • Areas of research Alternative finance in the territories (Nouvelle-Aquitaine - France) ; Financing Small and Medium Enterprises (SME); CSR and ES hybridizations;
  • Teaching fields Macroeconomics; Alternative Finance; Social Entrepreneurship; Social Economy ; Research Memory Methodology;


Thibault Cuénoud is Doctor in Economics from the University of Poitiers (France). He is a researcher at IRSI (Sup de Co La Rochelle) and CRIEF EA 2249 (Economics Faculty of Poitiers). He is also Editor-in-Chief of the french academic journal "Vie et Sciences de l'Entreprise" (VSE) He works on alternative finance (solidarity, ethical and participative) within scientific networks (RIUESS, GESS5, ANDESE, ORIANE ...). He regularly works with Social Economy (SE) actors in their territorialized financing strategies