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Experience an enriching summer in La Rochelle Business School


An increasing number of corporations are looking for experts able to manage and grow their brands. Students enroled in the Summer School will benefit from a full immersion in an international learning context and will learn the management tools and techniques companies use to successfully operate in the market.

Taught entirely in English, these programmes are designed to provide students with the necessary international outlook and management competencies in order to acquire an expert understanding in the specific business and management area. Students will benefit from in-depth insights into the cultural dimensions from practical courses on different industry segments together with an analysis of existing and emerging markets.

In addition to the academic programme, La Rochelle Business School will offer  participants local company visits to discover business models and discuss with entrepreneurs on their management or strategic issues.

Participants will also have the opportunity to spend a week-end in Paris combining corporate companies visits and cultural activities.

Participants who successfully complete the programme will be granted 9 ECTS credits. 

3 provided sessions: 


This course is designed to introduce students to the complex world of international management and cross-cultural communications. Modern managers must be able to understand how diverse organizations function and how to communicate in a wide variety of cultures. An in-depth study of cross-cultural analysis principles and models will be completed by a brief survey of their application to different functions of management such as motivation, decision making, organizing, leadership etc. Both differences and resemblances in managerial values and behaviors across cultures will be identified. In addition, students will learn how to analyze their personal international experiences and how to use them as a basis for understanding the broader international environment.


The course will focus on the fundamentals of luxury and fashion brands. However, in order to understand the specificities of the luxury and fashion industry and its management, it will also introduce the main advances and developments in the diverse luxury sectors.

Participants will acquire an advanced comprehension of the new global dimensions of luxury and the socio-cultural and context related impact on the branding of products within this framework. The recent luxury industry development in fast growing economies is causing many questions on how luxury brands and large luxury groups can get organized to improve their social as well as environmental performance in a world with increasing inequality and ethical issues.


This course will focus on the changing features of tourism in the contemporary world in order to prepare students (either undergraduate or graduate and professional) to better face the new managerial challenges within this industry. After discussing some of the most important changes in the global scenario on key strategic variables (the consumer behavior; the supply chain; the environmental and social dimension; the impact of place branding etc.), the course will present business cases and in-depth analyses of traditional and non-traditional establishments dealing with a variety of tourist customers (e.g. sport tourism, cultural tourism, eno-gastronomy and agri-tourism). In particular the issues of quality management and e-reputation (internet ratings and social networks) will be discussed in detail.